Car Parking Master Game (Unity 3D + Admob)


Car Parking Master is a 3D parking game made in Unity 3D. It includes the apk, source file and detailed documentation.

Game Modules and Features Settings: In settings you control SFX, background music and vibration. You can select the vehicle’s controls, i.e. steering, buttons, tilt. Vehicles: There are 4 vehicles in this game. All vehicles are unlocked; you can select any of them. Levels: There are 24 levels of different difficulty levels. At start only one level is unlocked the rest are locked. You can unlock them one by one.

Code In this project we have used the Singleton Class Pattern in coding. It consists of Managers i.e. UIManager, AudioManager, GameManager, each manager has its specific role. Then there are Screen Handlers i.e. MainScreenHandler, SettingsScreenHandler etc, they are responsible for every action performed within that specific screen.

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    16 February 2021
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    WordPress 5.7.x,
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