CookBook – React Native Recipe App


Cookbook is ready to use applications, where you can display your recipes. We implemented almost everything for you. This is a complete solution for you, as it implements both logic and views. In application, you will find many screens: Recipe Screen, Categories Screen, Favourite Screen, Sign-in Screen, SignUp Screen, Details Screen and Converter Screen.

In the Recipe Screen, you will find all recipes from your database and searcher that will let you filter recipes based on their title.

In the Category Screen, you will find recipes divided into categories. The categories and recipes will be based on your own creative mind, as they are also based on your data. That is not all. As there is auth flow implemented in the application, you also will have SignUp and Sign-in Screens that are fully functional once connected with Firebase. The Favourite Screen makes it possible for Signed users to see their favourite recipes. Once you click on any recipe, you will see it’s Details Screen, where the user can find more information on how to make the dish. Lastly, in the application there is a converter, that lets user convert both amount of ingredient based on their baking pan or unit they want to use.

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